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Plastic barrels

For transportation and storage of liquid, paste-like, loose substances. Capacity: 10l, 20l, 40l, 50l, 60l.


Metal barrels

  • capacity: 5-216.5 liters
  • sheet thickness according to customer’s request, maximum 1.0 mm
  • colors according to the RAL catalog, the possibility of printing a logo on the packaging.


It is applied as a container for the oil and fat, chemical industry. The canister for transportation and storage of liquid, viscous, pasty, products.


IBC container

Intended for transportation and storage of various substances as reusable containers of wide use, mainly during transportation, storage of liquid bulk products, food and chemicals of all classes of danger. 



  • EUR, EPAL (Licensed Manufacturer)
  • euro pallets
  • industrial
  • phytosanitary
  • plastic

Big bags

We offer large size polypropylene bags. This packaging material is versatile and meets all transportation requirements and conditions, even the most stringent ones. The constructive variety of such containers makes it possible to greatly simplify and speed up the corresponding technological processes.


Galvanised containers

  • capacity: 25-60 liters
  • sheet thickness according to customer’s request, maximum 0.8 mm
  • zinc coating thickness min. 40 um

Barrels made of stainless and acid-resistant steel

  • capacity: 10-216.5 liters
  • sheet thickness according to customer’s request, maximum 1.0 mm.

Rectangular tin cans

We offer a capacity of 10-20 liters. Sheet thickness 0.25-0.35 mm. The above packages are produced with cork only.

Labels and tags

We offer the production of labels and tags of various types, sizes and materials.


Cylindrical metal buckets

With covers “master”, “crown” and lids under the clamp, capacity 5-60 liters.


Conical metal buckets

  • capacity: 2-30 liters
  • sheet thickness from 0.23-0.35mm

About us & why we are
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The need for packaging is dictated, first of all, by the functions that it performs. Packaging protects the product from damage, deterioration and counterfeit, facilitates its transportation, includes instructions for use and a description of the product. Besides, carrying the element of advertising, it plays an important role in promoting goods to the market.


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